About NEXT LEVEL Beauty Academy

NEXT LEVEL Beauty Academy is opening its doors in 2011. The main purpose and task of the Academy is to train professional make-up artists who are practically and theoretically prepared to work in all areas of beauty make-up – beauty salons, spa and wellness facilities, freelance make-up artists, make-up consultants in high-end cosmetics stores, presenters and sellers of cosmetic brands, television, fashion, photo shoots, films, advertising, music companies and stage appearances and more. etc . The course focuses entirely on building the student as a professional, ready to begin work in all areas of makeup beauty immediately after completing his makeup training.

We can proudly boast of successfully practicing our students who are already in themselves are established names in the beauty industry and cosmetic industry. We have students from all over the country, and the NEXT LEVEL Beauty Academy brand imposes tradition and high standards in the field of professional makeup and is a request for high professionalism, creativity and artistry, uncompromising attitude to the quality of work and individual approach to each client. Our students work beyond the borders of the country, we have successful students in Denmark, Germany, Great Britain , USA , Spain, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Macedonia, UAE and others. Over the years, the students have been foreign students, and the training can be conducted in English.

This course is especially suitable for hairdressers, manicurists, beauticians, and other beauty industry professionals who wish to enrich their professional portfolio with the makeup profession. The course is extremely convenient for people who are not from Sofia, as well as for all who want for a short term, at an affordable price and under excellent conditions to master the art of professional makeup. Courses are held after a call, by appointment at a time convenient for the teacher and the student!

In addition to the professional makeup modules, the academy also offers individual self-makeup courses and beauty consulting. The purpose of this type of module is to give all ladies fascinated by the magic of makeup the invaluable skills to learn to make up on their own without having to use the services of a professional makeup artist. This course will explore all the tricks and secrets for creating the perfect skin texture, correcting and hiding skin and anatomical imperfections, and highlighting the positives that every lady would like to highlight. Step by step the study of making daily business and formal makeup with the skill of a professional – skills that are extremely valuable to any modern woman and create life-long skills and skills.