Benefits of an intensive individual makeup course

  1. Individual approach Individual work with each student. The individual course of study is disproportionately better than group courses. At the beginning of the course, a conversation is conducted with each student, determining his level in terms of makeup, goals and objectives that he set himself when starting a professional makeup course. Unlike the group courses, the student’s attention is paid entirely to the trainee, his / her searches, his / her professional interests, his / her development as a make-up artist and the “pipeline” principle of work is inadmissible. Together with the teacher, step by step, every make-up and make-up technique on a model is made – the huge advantage of the individual form of training over that of a group!
  2. We value your time
    We live in a dynamic society where time is the most valuable and limited resource. All of our students have multiple responsibilities, studying, working or caring for their children. We are committed to their commitment and, over a period of 3 or 5 days, offer a highly synthesized course that, as a curriculum, exceeds the content of a one-month course in a group. The option to take the program “an hour by the spoon” is excluded, we do not waste your time, with each visit numerous and varied techniques are taken that cover all fields of activity of beauty makeup.
  3.  Flexibility With group courses, you have specific dates and times that you need to comply with, which largely detracts from your current responsibilities. The individual makeup course is designed to be fully tailored to your leisure time. It does not have strictly fixed days and hours, and you can make an appointment and schedule a time that is convenient for you.
  4. Unique authoring methodology The courses in the academy are based on the unique authoring methodology of Diana Stoyanova, on the basis of which her textbook Grimm Academy was written. It is based on more than 10 years of teaching experience, working with hundreds of students and thousands of makeup artists in all areas of the fashion and beauty industry and show business. This implies a very thorough knowledge of all the trends and requirements in the industry, solid experience and practical approach, which enable the trainees to have a successful realization and to meet the contemporary requirements in the makeup art.
  5. Practical Orientation
    The aim of the course is to prepare and build as a professional makeup practitioner its graduates. All unnecessary academicism and unnecessary theory has been removed, and the focus of the training is entirely on the practical workmanship of every makeup and makeup technique. All makeup and techniques actually used in professional practice are studied. Here, students are not spectators and listeners, but active participants in the learning process. The classes are led by Diana Stoyanova, who is a professional with proven experience in all areas of makeup and a clear idea of ​​the real working atmosphere and requirements in the fashion industry and beauty sector. Successful completion of the professional makeup course enables the realization and practice of the makeup profession in beauty salons, spas and wellness facilities, freelance makeup artists, makeup consultants in high-end cosmetics stores, presenters and sellers of cosmetic brands, work in television, fashion, photo shoots, movies, advertising, music companies and stage appearances and more. etc .
  6. Accessibility for people who do not live in Sofia and Bulgaria .
    The individual makeup course is conducted without people breaking away from their current professional and personal responsibilities. The Academy can proudly boast students from all over the country who successfully practice the profession of professional makeup artist. We also have many students living outside Bulgaria, as well as foreign students. The course is also in English.
  7. Excellent Material Base
    Unlike most makeup schools, it is not required as a condition to purchase makeup products and supplies before or during the course. During the training, the studio provides the highest quality professional materials for use: KRYOLAN, MAC, Bobbi Brown and many other cosmetic brands, which is included in the price of the course.
  8. Optimal price / quality ratio
    The Academy’s prices are in line with the reality and income in Bulgaria. They are available to anyone who wants a short term, at an affordable price and under excellent conditions to master the art of professional makeup. The price includes makeup training, the use of all products and materials of the studio during the training, a certificate for the completed course in professional makeup, professional photos of most of the makeup made, as well as guidelines for the equipment of professional makeup suitcase, opening at a studio, developing a professional portfolio and other valuable tips and tricks for starting your own makeup business.