Professional makeup course – 3 days

With this course, you acquire all the knowledge and mastery of the makeup techniques that are required to begin a professional practice in the makeup profession. The course focuses entirely on building the student as a professional, ready to begin work in all areas of makeup beauty immediately after completing his makeup training.

This course is especially suitable for hairdressers, manicurists, beauticians, and other beauty industry professionals who wish to enrich their professional portfolio with the makeup profession. The course is extremely convenient for people who are not from Sofia, as well as for all who want for a short term, at an affordable price and under excellent conditions to master the art of professional makeup. Courses are held after a call, by appointment at a time convenient for the teacher and the student!


Duration: 3 days

Price: 350 BGN

The price includes : individual training and practical elaboration of each technique and type of makeup, use of all the products of the studio during the training practice, issuance of a certificate for the completed course in professional makeup, photo session with made up makeup

  • An introduction to the art of makeup.
  • Main areas of makeup.
  • Makeup tools and materials needed in professional practice.
  • Understanding the types of brushes and their professional use.
  • Necessary products for the formation of professional makeup equipment.
  • Stages of makeup and necessary products to create the perfect look.
  • Correcting skin defects and problems and creating the perfect skin texture.
  • Choosing and Correctly Setting a Foundation Background Eye Modeling, Professional Applying and Blending Eye Shadows Shaping Eyebrows Color overlays in makeup.
  • Cheekbone shaping Different methods of applying lipstick Hygiene rules.
  • Ethics and psychology in the makeup profession

  • Step by step production of natural daily makeup.
  • Staged wedding makeup – one of the most important and responsible makeup in professional practice.

  • Professional eye liner application.
  • Phased Marilyn Monroe vintage makeup. Detailed study and elaboration of complex eye line and application of red lipstick.

  • Basics of corrective makeup.
  • Introducing the Chiaroscuro technique, sculpting and modeling the face.
  • Highlighting and contouring.
  • Common mistakes to make and avoid makeup.
  • Practical part with total face modeling.
  • Introducing the Cat Eye Technique Making smoky makeup, applying complex eye lines and modeling a complex cat eye
  • Glueing artificial eyelashes

The makeup curriculum is based on the original author’s methodology of Diana Stoyanova, on the basis of which her textbook on makeup makeup ACADEMY. Students acquire training and professional skills in accordance with European Education Standards. The certificate, issued upon successful completion, enables the realization of the practice of the Make-up profession in beauty salons, spas and wellness facilities, freelance make-up artists, make-up consultants in high-end cosmetics shops, presenters and sellers of cosmetic brands, television work , fashion, photo shoots, music companies and more.

The training is 3 days for the first level and 2 days for the advanced level, with special attention paid to practical activities and mastering of professional techniques. Individual work with each student.

Unlike the group courses, the student’s attention is paid entirely to the trainee, his / her searches, his / her professional interests, his / her development as a make-up artist and the “pipeline” principle of work is inadmissible. Together with the teacher, step by step, every make-up and make-up technique on a model is made – the huge advantage of the individual form of training over that of a group! The basic makeup techniques and the most preferred types of makeup for different occasions are studied. During the training, the studio provides the highest quality professional materials for use: KRYOLAN, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Dior, Artdeco, Estee Lauder and others. world cosmetic brands, which is included in the price of the course.