Курс по самостоятелно гримиране

Personal makeup course is designed for any woman who wants to master the basic rules in professional makeup and to acquire invaluable skills to make up as a professional. For all ladies who want to improve their vision through the most appropriate and sophisticated makeup for them. For a birthday, corporate cocktail party, wedding, club look or other festive occasion. For your daily life and business occasions. For any woman who wants to learn how to highlight her beautiful features and correct some skin and morphological imperfections through makeup!


  • Necessary products to create the perfect look

  • Getting to Know the Basic Makeup Brushes and Their Use
  • Correcting Skin Defects and Problems and Creating the Perfect Skin Texture
  • Modeling and Sculpting Your Face
  • Stages of Makeup

  • Major Errors in Self-Makeup and Avoiding
  • Choosing and Correctly Setting Background
  • Smoking and Blending eye shadow, use of brushes for application their

  • eyebrow shaping
  • gradations of color in makeup
  • modeling beautiful cheekbones pronounced
  • correctly applying lipstick and lip pencil
  • Professional applying eye liner

  • Bonding false eyelashes
  • Preparation stages of two types of makeup according to customer preferences – day business makeup and Dressy
  • Personal Beauty Consulting regarding the choice of cosmetics, makeup accessories, selection of colors and style of make-up for an occasion

Course is by advance calling and engaging an hour at a convenient time for the student and the teacher. Duration – about 3 astronomical hours, date and hours – by appointment. With this module you could also make your girlfriend happy and make her a memorable gift for the coming holidays!