Makeup Academy is the first professional makeup guide written by a Bulgarian author for the Bulgarian makeup fans audience. In it the author Diana Stoyanova raises the curtain to the most carefully kept makeup secrets and gives you invaluable skills and knowledge in the field of makeup for every lady.
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Next Level Beauty Academy

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This book is both a practical tutorial and a makeup tutorial based on Diana Stoyanova’s unique authoring methodology. It is aimed at both professional makeup artists and all ladies who want to build their own makeup algorithm and learn to make perfect according to their facial features, skin type, color type and personal preference. The book is unique not only for Bulgaria but also globally with the fact that in addition to being an author and makeup artist, Diana is also a photographer, stylist and graphic designer of all the photographs in the book.



– You will learn to make up yourself at a professional level and save time and

– the cost of professional makeup. You will be able whenever you want to look flawless, without dependence on beauty salons and professional makeup artists.

– You will receive countless invaluable makeup tricks and tips that beauty gurus keep secret and in most cases will not reveal to you.

– You will save hundreds of hours digging into videos and forums and find concise and synthesized makeup stuff.

– You will say “enough ” to the frivolous and wind-blown makeup money that is not for you. When you read the sections on the various makeup products and brushes, you will be able to navigate the sea of advertisements and makeup products on the market and be able to make informed choices about products that are right for your skin type and facial features.

– Get an idea of makeup brushes and their use at the professional level

– You will determine the shape of your face, eyes, eyebrows and the most suitable makeup for you according to your individual characteristics.

– You will be guided by what color type you are and what are the best shades for you in makeup.

– You will receive ready-made recipes for the gradual development of the 10 most popular and popular visions for various occasions, explained in detail with photographs of the author and illustrations.

If you want to get deep into the secrets of makeup, be sure to read “Makeup Academy”! Because beauty is important….

You can buy the book from the academy’s Facebook page or order it by email.

Next Level Beauty Academy